Showcase: Primaris Chaplain

The much procrastinated Primaris Chaplain is ready for a showcase! Find out which paints were used to achieve this result!

The Primaris Chaplain was quickly painted after the rut went away and I was able to figure out how to paint the smaller areas. Below are the pictures of the completed miniature as well as a list of paints used.

  1. Primer
    • Badger Air Brush Stynylrez Black & White (applied in zenithol method with Airbrush)
  2. Base Colors
    • Citadel: Abaddon Black (Airbrushed)
    • Citadel: Rhinox Hide (Base for Gold Trim)
    • Citadel: Retribution Armor
    • Citadel: Morghast Bone
    • Citadel: Macragge Blue
    • Citadel: Khorne Red
    • Citadel: Mephiston Red
    • Citadel: Zandri Dust
    • Citadel: Rakarth Flesh
    • Citadel: Bugman’s Glow
    • Citadel: Leadbelcher
  3. Layer Colors
    • Citadel: Eshin Grey
    • Citadel: Alaitoc Blue
    • Citadel: Altdorf Guard Blue
    • Citadel: Wild Rider Red
    • Citadel: Ushabti Bone
    • Citadel: Cadian Fleshtone
    • Citadel: Pallid Witch Flesh
  4. Washes/Shades/Contrast Paints
    • Tabbard, Purity Seals, Bolter
      • Citadel: Agrax Earthshade
      • Pigma Micron: 005 Archival Ink Pen (for letters on the purity seals)
    • Pauldron & Trim
      • Citadel: Fuegan Orange
    • Metal Areas (Bolter/Back Pack Vents
      • Citadel: Nuln Oil
      • Tamiya Black Panel Line Color
    • Gold Areas
      • Citadel: Reilkand Fleshshade
    • Bone, Skulls
      • Citadel Contrast Skeleton Horde
      • Citadel: Seraphim Sepia
    • Head
      • Citadel: Contrast Guilliman Flesh
      • Citadel: Contrast Warpstone Glow
      • Citadel: Contrast Flesh Tearers Red
  5. Base
    • Vallejo: Brown Earth Texture
    • Citadel: Agrax Earthshade
    • Citadel: Celestra Grey
    • The Army Painter: Tufts
    • Woodland Scenics: Static Grass
    • Tamiya Color: XF52 Flat Earth (Trim)

Obviously you can choose your own colors, but this was the most efficient way for me to get this figure tabletop ready. If you notice, I did not fully highlight the entire model, instead i picked and chose particular areas. Please reach out if you h ave any questions!

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