The Indomitus box Part II

Eradicator Squad ready for battle! Take a look at the final product!

I found the Eradicators to be an easy build, but also quick to complete given their stocky aesthetic. The Orange on the pauldrons and knees were achieved using GWs Celestra Gray and Troll Slayer Orange. The muzzle burn effect on the weapons were created using a mixture of contrast paints and washes. oranges blues and purples give the nest effects. The writing effect on the purity seals was created using a Micron pen and slowly scribbling dots and dashed on the parchment.

I would recommend painting in sub assemblies (especially the arms, weapon and head) and once each part has received the desired effect, they should be glued. All three were glued using Tamiya Cement.

6th Company Eradicators Front View.
6th Company Eradicators Back View.

Looking forward to see how they do on the table top!

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