Eliminator Squad

Finally adding some Eliminators to the tabletop!

Hello miniature hobbyist!

Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during this pandemic, and using a lot of this time to work on tour pile of potential! (Term coined by @darknasterwoo)

I was lucky this week to complete painting a squad of Primaris Eliminators from the Start Collecting Vanguard Space Marine box set!

At first, this set seems to be overwhelming and difficult to work on given the hidden details and cape. However it helps to work on it in different sections and pre paint them before fully building them.

As a hobby painter, I always tell my friends that I prefer to prime and base coat a lot of models at once in order to avoid having to use the airbrush and compressor constantly. It’s a hassle to set up and take apart, especially in a small NY apartment, so airbrush sessions tend to last 2-3 days.

Prior to priming, I spend some time drilling small holes on the pieces using a dremel with the smallest bit, and then utilize toothpicks to mount the pieces onto foam. this will make it easier to prime the pieces, but also help with getting certain difficult parts later.

Once primed, I started with the base color I want the miniature to be, and then i slowly built up separate layers.

Once layered, I painted the smaller details and then slowly glued them piece by piece.

Here is the final product! I chose not to do any highlighting at least for now. I will take some pictures later on and perhaps have a showcase!


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