The Indomitus box Part I

Following the hype-train, I went on ahead and purchased an Indomitus box to share it with my buddy Seth. The kits are all push fit and very easy to build. I kept the Space Marines side and began my journey of cutting and building plastic.

As usual, I tend to build everything at once in order to keep the different steps of building/gluing/painting consistent. It took about the entire afternoon and a lot of refocusing and park trips to finish!

Once everything was built and preassembled, I drilled in little holes in each part of the kit in order to make it easier on the priming process. This was also the perfect time to drill the barrels of the guns using a small rotary tool (dremel). I also primed a few other kits that I had laying around from the Shadowspear set. As I’ve always stated, priming and painted using the airbrush always turns into a 2 day ordeal.

Once everything was primed, I base-coated Macragge blue, and then reassembled the kits in order to add layers in the colors. This becomes useful later as it prevents me from going in individually and painting every single highlight on the armor.

After adding different layers of blue (Citadel’s Altdorf and Alatoic blues) I let the pieces dry for a day and then later in the week, I decided to work on the Eradicators.

The heads were painted and seam lined with Nuln Oil and then glued in place. The pauldrons were painted with Citadel Celestra gray and the with Troll Slayer Orange.

I find that focusing on three models at a time is a good Segway to focus on the rest of the box, especially if you’re the type of miniature painter that might have trouble constantly focusing or might get fatigued. I always joke with me fellow painters that the max amount of minis I can batch paint at once is 5. My friend, (who some might know as @onyre_studio on Instagram) can batch paint vast amounts of minis in a small amount of time, which I find astounding! He’s able to paint regiments for historicals in days!

Ideally as a hobbyist, you have to find what works best for you and your style in order to be effective in your own unique way. Once you’ve found that sweet spot, utilize it and focus on small improvements over time!

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