Tutorial: Quick Grass Bases ala Alejo

Made a recipe that shows how to paint bases! Check it out!

Quick Grass Bases using sand, grit and tuft


Estimated completion:  2-3 hours
Good for: Miniature bases


  • PVA Glue
  • Sand
  • Grit/grass
  • Tuft
  • Citadel Mournfang Brown
  • Citadel Celestra Gray
  • Citadel Ulthuan gray
  • Tamiya Acrylic X52 Flat Earth
  • Testors Lacquer Top Coat & Thinner, Spray Dullcote


  1. PVA Glue. Begin by mixing ¾ PVA glue and ¼ water. Using a brush, Spread over base.
  2. Sand. Place your miniature in the container moving the base in a clockwise motion, remove from container and slowly tap the base to remove excess sand. Wait at least 2 HOURS.[1]
  3. Applying paint. Apply a thin layer of Citadel Mournfang Brown until you’ve covered all the sand. After it has dried for 30 minutes, begin to drybrush a light layer of Citadel Celestra Gray. Finally, dry brush a small amount of Citadel Ulthuan gray.
  4. Adding Grass and Tuft. with a brush, apply PVA Glue of desired amount on the base. Place base into grass container and slowly tap the base to remove excess grass. Turn base around and blow on the grass to allow it to spike up.[2] Apply Tuft in desired area using a tweezer.
  5. Painting Base Perimeter. Apply Tamiya Acrylic X52 Flat Earth around the base. Wait for it to dry and apply a second coat.
  6. Dullcoat Seal. Spray Testors Spray Dullcote to seal the base.


[1](Optional) add a 50/50 mix on top of PVA glue to seal in sand.

[2]Alternatively, you can sprinkle the grass to your choosing on areas where the PVA glue has been placed.


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