Road to Completing the Backlog..

Around mid-November, A few friends were discussing the quantity of unbuilt kits they possessed in their backlog. After hearing their claims I decided to take this picture and moved into action! 

Soon after, Yearhammer 2018 was announced, and I made it my task to begin some of these kits. Originally, the plan was to build 7 kits before January.

Here is the list of the kits pictured above:

  1. (1) Forge World Armageddon Pattern Basilisk
  2. (1) Forge World Armageddon Pattern Medusa
  3. (2) Astra Militarum Wyverns/Hydras
  4. (1) Astra Militarum Manticore
  5. (2) Leman Russ’ Battle Tanks (Demolisher)

Started with the first two, due to their packaging and need for more preparation. Placed them in a soapy water in order to clear away any excess solution from the molding process.

After placing these two Basilisks in the soap water, I proceeded to start the other tanks. In the middle of cutting the sprues, I realized that a feasible number of tanks to start on would be 5. Needless to say, 5 were the right amount.

The base of each tank was taken out of the sprues, glued with plastic glue and held together with a rubber band. The tracks were also removed from the sprue but kept on the frames for easier painting and assembly later. Most of the edges of the tracks are hidden when they’re glued, so cutting them after they’re painted makes more sense.

The Forge world kits required more attentional they were partially resin and required superglue for parts of their assembly specifically the chassis area. The metal floor cover also needed to be glued to a piece of resin which required extra attention.

After the entire assembly was complete, priming the tanks was the next step. Black STYNYLREZ water based acrylic polyurethane Easy App Surface primer was used to cover the five vehicles. This brand of primer is particularly good because it can be applied as is. No need to thin it as the manufacturer already does. Make sure to add some airbrush flow improved to help your airbrush work better.

To be continued…


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