Alejominis – Purpose of This Site?

It had been a while since I tried build, paint and play with any sort of miniature. I first started liking the hobby of building miniatures back in 2001 when my mother took me to the Palisades Mall. At the time, there was a Games-Workshop store on the 4th floor. Image result for 2001 Space Marine Tactical Squad boxI remember clearly that the first kit I purchased was a squad of 40k Tactical Space Marines.

The detail on them was so mind blowing, that I built them that same day. When I went back the week after, primer, and paints were purchased, as well as a set ofImage result for warhammer empire knightly orders Warhammer fantasy Empire Knightly Orders. I could never make up my mind and always resorted to purchasing a new model kit and not sticking to one army. With a few Warhammer 40k  kits here and there (Including Daemonhunters), it never really evolved into any serious hobby besides the priming process.

Fast-forward to 2022 and my passion for the hobby has never been greater. In the hopes of securing a place for the hobby I will use this venue to first, track the progress and journey of my hobby experience. This includes posting about army progress, particular details in the builds, and any modifications that come across. Second, I will use this venue to inspire those starting their painting, by sharing some of the tricks that I have gathered in the last few months as an amateur. I think it’s important to get an amateur’s perspective in order to be motivated into the hobby. I hope that you find this journey as invigorating as I see it becoming. Keep on painting!

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